Hello, and welcome to the About Us page of the Bestfreesexcam’s reviewing team! As you can expect from such pages, here you can find some information about us, our creed, our goals and our ways. We, as members of this team of experienced reviewers are really glad to have found this field to work in. The porn industry is huge, and the online presence is just the top of the iceberg. But this peak is our arena, where we bring the fight to the free sex cam sites, tear them apart bit by bit and get every information we need to give you. Why would you need such information? Well, just check your bank account – if you are an Average Joe like us, you won’t find it loaded with money to spend on junk porn sites. So, that’s the main reason we’re are doing or job: we help A. Joes like you and us to find the best quality porn online, provided by trustworthy companies at a reasonable price. This is what we do.

Our Identity

You might wonder why we are considering ourselves an A. Joe just as you are. Because we are. There is no official degree for this kind of job, and we come from different professional fields. It’s like a cheap action movie’s ultimate team: we have simple guys, with a lower degree, we have here folks with higher degree, so it’s a really mixed bunch of this and that. There are guys from technical fields, and they are the kind who jump on every opportunity to try new gadgets and features – they got a Roku box for example, but they even managed to get their hands on a VR set, in order to test that porn-type too.

Sometimes they fight over it like chicken, but it’s fun to watch, especially when The Boss gets involved too. We love to do this, and not just because it’s a good job, but also because we love porn and we like to help out fellow porn-fans. We are individuals with different tastes, but thanks to our writers, you won’t see our different views appearing in the reviews. These writers we have are the ones who make sure that our reviews are professional in tone, they feature every important detail, and actually help to know the site better. Not everyone is good for this kind of writing and research, so we always put the applicants (when there is a vacancy in our team) through a thorough test. Those who do excellently make it to our ranks.

The evaluation criteria

In order to write our reviews, we are doing an in-depth research. We have professional web-surfers, who are always on the lookout for the newest and best sites. If there isn’t anything new, they check the forums, comment sections of adult sites, and the search engines to find out what people need. They set up a list, and we are ready to roll. We work on a daily basis, but we don’t do our job in a haste. After distributing the sites, the research begins. Here is a short summary of the researched fields: company reputation, site reputation and online ranking, owner’s reputation, affiliate program details. If we gathered enough info to validate a site as a legit one, we contact its owner.

If the webmaster is honest, it grants us a passage to the members’ zone, where phase two starts: this includes checking functionality, availability, download and streaming speed, update schedule, viewing options and a whole lot more. You probably know these features if you have already read some of our reviews. After this is all gathered, the writers create easy-to-understand text from the information, and after it’s approved, it goes live.
Those who are returning guest to our site know that we are experts of our field, and we are keeping our reviews fresh, and we are honest. Since we usually get extra discounts, it’s advised to return regularly. With any question, you just have to contact us.